Project Danmei (BL)



Project BL :


Original / Fan Fiction :

1. FF – Everglow [Legendary Master Wife]

2. Peran Pengganti – Original Fiction

3. Oh! Juena – Original Fiction

4. Secret Of The Sastra Jendra – Original Fiction


Novel China (On Going) :

1. Private Garden

2. The Legendary Master Wife

3. Discovering My Desciple Wants To Eat Me After Raising Him

4. Feng Mang

5. Rebith Of MC

6. ABO Cadets

7. Lawless Gangster

8. There Will Always Be Protagonis With Delucions Staring a Harem

9. Heavenly Blessing

10. Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation – At Wattpad

11. My Wangfei Is A Man

12. Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother

13. Its Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead

14. The Ugly Man A Big Transformation – At Wattpad

15. Agreement Of Being Gay For 30Days – At Wattpad

16. Waiting Upon You

17. The Master And Shadow Guard (The Paternity Guard)

18. His Majesty Hostage

19. Mr Dior

20. Every World Seems Not Quite Right

21. Di Wang Gong Lue [The Emperor’s Strategy]

22. Lord And Dragon

23. Male God Is Chasing My Brother



Novel Jepang (On Going) :

1. Secret Nights In The Inner Palace – Jepang

2. Kodoku Na Innutachi

3. Sleeping Bunny


Hiatus :

1. Cheng Shi Qing Feng


Mission Complete :

1. The Path Of Cannon Fodder’s Counterattac

2. Big God, Your Wife Went Offline! (18+)

3. 15P 7H 6SM

4. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Sorata no Baai (Jepang) VOL 1 ~ At Wattpad

5. Flower Reflecting The Sky ~ At Wattpad

6. Heroin (Are You Addicted 2) ~ At Wattpad

7. Counterfeit Bride

8. President Isn’t Mary Sue

9. Junai (Pure Love) Jepang 18+




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